Tapped-Horn P.O.C #2

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Tapped-Horn P.O.C #2

Postby Brian Steele » Sun Sep 06, 2009 3:38 am

Well, I'm getting ready to build my second "tapped horn P.O.C.", or simply POC2.

You can ready about POC1 here: http://www.diysubwoofers.org/projects/o ... pped-pipe/. The success of POC1 is what is prompting me to "think bigger".

This time I'm planning to use a 15" driver, to get enough Vd to get the peak linear output to around ~120dB/1M, in a decently-sized box (~10 cu.ft.).

Here's what I've come up with so far:

Driver: Dayton PF385 15" pro audio driver:

Tapped Horn Parameters (plug into HornResp):

S1= 600 cm^2
S4= 1300 cm^2
L12= 18 cm 7.1 in
L23= 204 cm 80.3 in
L34= 18 cm 7.1 in

I'm going to use the same folding scheme I used for POC1, this time however using different-sized segments, to provide the required expansion from S1 to S4.

Length 240 cm 94.5 in
Segments 4
Net Volume 228000 cm^3 8.05 cu.ft.
Fc 36 Hz

Net dimensions for the box work out as follows:
V 228000 cm^3 8.05 cu.ft.
D 60 cm 23.6 in
H 80 cm 31.5 in
W2 47.5 cm 18.7 in

That's not too bad, though I'm likely going to have to be a bit "creative" to fit that 15" driver in there!

The biggest problem I'm going to have now is actually getting my hands on that driver - evidently PE doesn't like to ship o/seas: they make it very dificult to simpley pay via ccard...
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