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Symmetrical Air Friction Enclosures

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 4:55 am
by niftynev
Hi everyone, my first post!

Radio Electronics (I think it was) in the 80's described, as a project, an S.A.F.E speaker enclosure. Later on they described another similar project entitled - "hifi mini speaker". Most of my magazines got drowned in the floods so I don't have the info any more. I was hoping someone may have a copy of this? I want to build a pair.

The concept was to extract more bass from a small woofer. The woofer was vertically mounted on the bottom of the front of the enclosure, & it's back wave was broken up & reassembled on its way up, where it emerged from the top, having been slowed down by its serpentine path. A similar principle to TL's I guess, but taking up much less space. Imagine a kitchen table sitting over a rectangular hole, that was just small enough so that the table legs could sit outside the corners of the hole. Inside the speaker there were 4 of these 'tables', so that the back wave was split up then recombined 4 times before exiting the top via an opening all around. The beauty of it was that the 'mini speaker' version of it was only 17 inches high, from memory, & packed a real bass 'punch' for its size. The tweeter was basically plonked on top & secured so it wouldn't fall off! Of course, I'd secure it properly & use a nice little ribbon tweeter from Jaycar Electronics -

I've done a hand drawing to try to explain the idea - sorry it's pretty rough!

Hopefully, one of you guys out there may have an original article!

cheers nn