Transmission Line Speakers

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Transmission Line Speakers

Postby ronzeman » Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:02 am

This Summer I have decided to upgrade my favorite 33 year old Audionics TL90 speaker system. This 3-way speaker system were initially configured in England by Radford Electronics as the Studio 90. For the North American market the Radford S90 enclosure design was re-configured into a 43” tall Hi-Boy model (~1974) This floor standing configuration was much easier to construct. It’s height allowed the driver elements to be placed near the ear level of a seated listener, and it’s aesthetics can easily blend into most room décor. The Audionics TL90 is basically a two tube , tapered , quarter wavelength transmission line design. Audionics of Oregon sold the units as a kit as well as fully finished systems. In my opinion the bass response of these TL speakers is as deep and musical as any on the market today.

The Audionics TL90 system incorporates a 10” woofer Radford BD25 (very similar specs and performance to the KEF B139) in the tuned Triangulated Transmission Line enclosure. A sealed closed back midrange speaker (made for Radford by Goodwin); and a Peerless tweeter are mounted in the same enclosure. A high quality passive crossover designed by Radford completes this excellent system.

More on this effort later
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