Building the Metaphor or Ego Speakers

Building the Metaphor or Ego Speakers

Postby Gunstone » Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:21 pm

Hi there,

I would like to start building either the Metaphor or the Ego speakers based on the designs on the website kindly donated by Dillon Audio. I have hit the problem that in the Metaphor design, the Peerless HDS 850439, 6.5” woofer is no longer in production. I am anxious to choose a replacement that compliments the rest of the speaker design, does anybody know of a suitable replacement? (i was considering the Peerless Vifa NE180W-08 MidWoofer Speaker though it is a little pricey).

I had a similar problem with the Ego in that i have been unable to find the Focal 5W4252 woofer. Again, if anyone could recommend a replacement it would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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