Frankenspeaker and tractrix horns

Frankenspeaker and tractrix horns

Postby lmcl5150 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:17 pm

This is a direct copy of a post I made at another forum. I wanted to determine how much interest I might have in the described project

"Hi, I am going to try to not write a long post about this project right now as my time is limited. If there seems to be some interest in this frankenspeaker project I will try to make the time to post a full article about the build later, my effort and misery ought to make for a good laugh if nothing else. It took about a year to culminate in the speakers in the attached photos. The final result was well worth the effort and expense, but was definitely a major learning experience both in design and final construction, evolving through about thirteen different renditions before finalizing on the set in the photos. The horns are turned from laminated red cedar and are tuned at 320hz with effective driver loading down to 449hz, They are driven by a set of selenium D4400ti drivers. The mid woofers are a set of Eminence Definimax 12" in a Transmission line enclosure tuned at about 46hz. The Subs are a set of 4 Eminence Lab 12's in a pair of DTS-10 clone enclosures.
My main reason for posting this is to assess if there is any interest from others in purchasing pre-made wooden horns. The end result once completed has proven to produce the most exceptionally clear and crisp audio in the mid and high frequencies that I have ever heard, but I found these to be an extremely challenging turning project to accomplish, and I have turned thousands of items over the years. I know that I was somewhat reluctant to start these even with extensive experience and I am sure I am not alone in that, but I believe that I could probably do these in a relatively cost efficient way if I built a purpose built CNC lathe and also reap the benefit of being absolutely on the money with the critical contouring. These Cedar horns in the photos are the fourth set I turned because I was not satisfied with the first ones. These came out to a tolerance of about a 64th of an inch but took many excruciating hours of very fine cuts to accomplish, and left me with pain for a week afterward that made me wish I had never seen them.
If anyone is interested in possibly purchasing horns built this way please let me know. If I have enough interest to warrant the expense of building a CNC machine I might be inclined to start building these. I would guess the cost to be about $300.00 per unit without driver, but don't quote me on that since the only way I will know is to actually start production, and I can't justify that kind of expense unless there is a relatively active interest in the project.
I also am putting this set of completed speakers up for sale including the subs, since I will need to have that cash to build a CNC machine. The DTS-10 clones and main speaker cabinets are built of 13 ply birch although it is of chinese rather than baltic origin. The cost of baltic was over three times that of the chinese which I could not justify. All joints are rabbited or dadoed and glued with waterproof glue, hardware is all stainless steel with the exception of the t-nuts and a few staples. Cabinets are varnished with two coats of marine grade spar varnish. They could stand a final fine sanding and coat of wax since it was impossible to prevent a small amount of dust from getting into it. I have not gotten a chance to build speaker grills for these so that needs completion. Curved panels in the transmission lines are a strip buildup of american walnut enclosed in fiberglass cloth and resin and the acoustic pad is fiberglass insulation contained in polyester lining material to prevent the escape of particals. I would need about $4700.00 for this complete set. I think that if someone wants these they should be picked up here in Squires, MO due to the cost and likelihood of damage if shipped, but I am willing to work with you to ship if necessary.
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Re: Frankenspeaker and tractrix horns

Postby audioresearch » Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:26 am

I'd be interested in puchasing plans for the dts-10 clone. Did I understand right, it would use 4 Lab 12 drivers that I could buy from Parts Express? How does its performance compare to an actual DTS-10? What are the outer dimensions of your dts-10 clone?
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