Star Wars in Concert

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Star Wars in Concert

Postby llungster » Mon Nov 16, 2009 11:00 pm

Not much forum traffic so here's a concert review.

We went to see Star Wars In Concert this past weekend ( For those not familiar with this touring presentation (it was featured in the Boston area on PBS as part of their annual fundraiser), it's the music of John Williams through the 6 Star Wars films, played by the London Symphony Concert Orchestra and choir, narrated by Anthony Daniels (C3PO) and shown in a huge LED display. There's also an artifact exhibit with costumes, props, music sheets, etc.

If you liked the movies or just like classical music themed soundtracks, this is a great show. The music is mostly from the first movie (episode 4) since that is the most powerful and interesting of the bunch IMHO. The choir kicks in for some episode 1 tracks. The LED screen is just amazing. The only letdown was that they sometimes repeated the same clips from the movies for the various pieces played - you'd think that with 6 movies to pick from, they'd have plenty to work with. The stage effects were good; the laser I could have done without. We sat near the rear of the TD Garden which was only 1/2 filled, mostly in-line with the stage and just slightly to the left of center. The sound was spectacular - crisp, clean, but not at rock concert / numb-your-ear levels. Well done. I just fired up my Star Wars Soundtrack CD and am loving it. And yes, there bass was good too! The show is still touring, see the website for details.
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