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Postby JLeMay » Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:04 pm

I'm not sure if previous post worked or not so... Ya I'm new.

I'm planning a 3 way bookshelf style that will match corner size of living room and in my setup I'm going with...

1 - 8 inch woofer 8 ohm @80 watts rms, (might go with a 10 donno yet, Dayton audio designer series) 90 sensitivity
2 - 4? Inch midrange 4 ohm @40 watts rms( ??
1 - super tweeter horn 8 ohm @65 watts rms, ( I'm thinking peavey 104 sensitivity

So if I hookup the 2 mid in series then I will get s 8 ohm speaker with @ 80 watts rms?

What's the power handleing of this speaker? So with these number then I should have @185 watts rms?
Or is it just the top end rms for the woofer so @80 watts rms is the high point if rms power ?

It might seem weird setup but want equal power and sensitivity to all speakers if possible.
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