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Postby JLeMay » Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:48 pm

Ok I'm newish to speaker building principles and have a few questiions.
Ok I've decided on a 1 - 8 inch woofer,2 - 4 ohm midrange (wired in series) so 8 ohm midrange total, and a either a super tweeter or or a horn loaded tweeter (I'm thinking the peavey horn tweeter atm)

With this set as a 3 way crossover (xover so very little chances of going over the limit of speaker limitions giving hopefully a smooth sound. I should have 8 ohm on woofer, mid, tweeter. And question is the midrange being 2ohm speakers @35 ish watts each. Will it give me 70 watts @8 ohm resistance?

I'm trying to go with a balanced sound so woofer mid and tweeter almost have same power handleing capability with very similar sensitivity. The woofer is @80 watts rms. And if the tweeter is 60 watts rms , midrange if being @70 watts rms and woofer @80 rms, so 60+70+80 = x for rms. Is it then 210 rms? then whats the total rms of the speaker?

Suggestions on what ya think on crossover to be best set at?
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