sealed cabinet size for low qt driver(15")

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sealed cabinet size for low qt driver(15")

Postby rax » Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:42 pm

Can someone help me with calculating a sealed( infinite baffel) for my Richard Allan cg15, 15 inch
low qt driver.
I have tried with online calculators but only get ridiculos results.
I plan for a cabinet in the range of 225 liters circa.
Here is te parameters:
fs 22hz
Qms 1.49
Qes 0.16
Qt 0.144
vas 9.2 cu ft=260.51 liters
no(%) 2.16
cms(m/n) 3.48
Mms(grms) 126.5
bl(wb/m 26.7
membrane size 880cm2
If someone could help I would be thankfull.
p.s. Could even be a bassreflex cabinet
regards Rax (Denmark)
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