car audio subwoofer boxes

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car audio subwoofer boxes

Postby premierlover » Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:52 am

I am getting ready for a box build for my pioneer premier woofers the call for 1.75 max cubic feet per woofer (i have 2) so i need a max cubic feet of 3' i understand the larger the box the deeper more solid bass. but what i am having a problem with is finding or figuring out that the measurements for the box would be with 2 2'' slot ports on the outer side of each subwoofer. i have been all over the web lookinf for this information with no success on finding measurements all i have found is how to find current cubic feet. I already know what cubic feet i need just do not know what measurements i need to reach my desired cubic feet i could do all the math over and over to figure out but im just wondering if someone has an easier method or already knows what i need. thanks
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