Passive Crossover

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Passive Crossover

Postby David Tokio » Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:00 am

I just had given to me a pair of 90s vision acoustic v900 speakers,175wt rms (so they say) they have 2 8" woofers and 1 tweeter in cabinet is working fully and perfect.. the other seems to have only the tweeter and some midrange lower volume sound coming out of the the 2 8 inch woofers..theres no bass sound and the tweeter is working perfect Ive looked at the crossover inside and i cant tell if its a 3way or 2way .. i have taken a pictures...what sort of crossover would be in these cabinets .. is one of the 8 inch speakers suppose to act as the subwoofer and the other 8inch as a mid. i dont think its made this way coz on the speaker cabinet that works they both seem to sound the same with bass. the specs on the boxes say 28hz to 28000hz, crossover 2.200, impedance 8ohm, efficiency like to replace the entire crossover or replace whatever needs replacing by myself hoe can i find out what needs replacing.

Thank you
David Tokio
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