Homemade Subwoofer Driver

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Homemade Subwoofer Driver

Postby mnSub » Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:04 am

Hello Everyone!
(I'm a new user :D )

I'm working on my homemade subwoofer driver, but it's my first time
making a big speaker. I currently have 40 feet of 22guage, 75 ft. of 26gauge, and 200 ft. of 30 gauge magnet wire.
How long and how thick should they be?
Also, I'm planning to get a neodymium magnet, maybe 3 layers of these:
http://www.magnet4less.com/product_info ... cts_id=146
Are they too small? If I stack them, will it decrease sound quiality?
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