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Re: dB HT

Postby rob » Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:51 am

Hi Klaus,
thanks for the update.
I'm a bit of a one Forum guy and never was interested in migrating to other fora on a daily basis, so was glad to be disturbed.
Sad that some of the regulars are no longer with us but anyone out there who wants to post something, there's a few left by the looks.
Great to have the resource handy again too.
I have been doing some ugly things with car subs lately, initially for the boys' annual surf (camping) trip (read outdoor cinema) but also for a mate in his home. Sounded all right to me but unable to provide graphs - mostly just SPL measurements with my ears.
Pre-testing in the shed
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Re: dB HT

Postby mike mccall » Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:34 pm

Planerguy wrote:Mike - you almost look like the last man standing here! I still want a set of your Erie's, but STILL couldn't afford even a used set, if such could be found. I did see a set on the 'gon a year or so ago..
Oh well, my big old ugly planar's will have to do for another decade.

Do you, or actually does anyone know if the old lsdg was ever archived? I come across vintage drivers sometimes that iirc had been listed there, but now the manufactorer's deny even existed... Can't blame them I guess, they need to concentrate on new products to sell to stay in business.

Hope things are going well for you these days. High end speakers went into crazy land, or junk city. No middle ground it seems, and you fell into that great opening abyss between the two back when you took the leap. .
Born a decade late unfortunately. Ah well....we still have Best Buy for those fabulous Insignia speakers, or similar...eh?

yes, you seem like an old friend to me; a surviving former basslister of no consequence.

Hope you see this, since yor last post was in March, 2013, I think?

Best regards my friend.

Wow, it's been forever since I've dropped in here! I had concluded that everyone had gone elsewhere so I stopped coming by. Truthfully, I made so many mistakes over the years that I kind of figured it best that I lay low. Figured I might have over-stayed my welcome. When I officially closed Shamrock Audio in October of 2004 I simply closed the doors to the shop and to the office and left. It wasn't until just last November that I moved the saws and tables to one end of the shop to get the car inside. The office is still largely untouched. Fairly recently a former client was gracious enough to send back his Eire speakers when he was done with them and had moved on to something else. Otherwise I wouldn't have a set for myself.

I drove a school bus for a couple of years and then got a job driving a shuttle bus for a local transit district. I've been there for 7-years now. It's not what I envisioned myself doing, but it's a steady paycheck. I'm entitled to 1-day off every 3-months, but cannot add them together and there are no vacations. Had a headhunter contact me through Linkedin awhile back. Wanted me to relocate to China. I think my response thoroughly discouraged her as I've not heard from her since. A couple of folks have suggested that I work for other speaker companies. Unfortunately, I am non-credentialed and have nothing more than a GED. Today, that doesn't qualify me to screw-in a light bulb. Ah well, should have done things differently.

I quietly drop in to a few of the old haunts occasionally, this being one of them. It's good to see a few recognizable names around, and some who have done well. Thanks for the kind words.

mike mccall
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Re: dB HT

Postby Steve Houlihan » Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:33 pm

Good Morning Mike and Planerguy!

I am still monitoring the forum but have not posted in years. I still have my Eire's but they have been in storage for years. I still listen to my BB speakers ( http://www.surfnetusa.com/sho/Webdocs/home2.html )but only have room for one setup since I got married 7 years ago. Now we are going to be moving soon and I will lose my storage shed. My Eire's could be for sale. As you can see the cabinet was dressed up with curved sides and in-lay maple corners, but the internals are all as Mike designed them. I bought some drivers to build a new home theater system a few years ago, but ended up building two houses instead! I am supposed to be retired.

Steve Houlihan

Santa Cruz, CA
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