Building a new sub

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Re: Building a new sub

Postby lvw » Sat Dec 11, 2010 3:36 am

[quote="hjf"]I was just trying to make the box act like a sealed box, I'll try to get someone to stick their hand there to block the vent so I can do some more testing (comparing the same box sealed vs. vented).

I'm not really sure about the sealed/vented. Is it a matter of preference? Convenience? Driver? I've never seen a commercial sealed box. All of them are vented or 4th order.

The type of box does depend on the driver characteristics to a large extent, but there is also some preference involved. I, for instance, prefer a lower-Q sealed setup for a subwoofer, if the driver permits it. With the lower frequency boost in the room sizes I typically encounter, the result is a good tight bass response, and lower than you might think by looking at the measured response. (But no, this option won't work with your drivers...)

Of course, ported boxes can be just fine too.

From your descriptions, I suspect that room effects may indeed be playing a significant role in the sound you are hearing. In case you have not heard of the technique, thought I'd mention a fairly common method that has worked well for me in a couple of cases: put the sub in your normal listening position, then move around the room to your possible sub locations and listen to the bass response. You *might* easily find one of those locations sounds quite a bit better. If so, move the sub there, and you should get the same good bass at your listening position.

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Re: Building a new sub

Postby hjf » Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:01 am

Thanks, yes, I did some more testing today, and moved it around the room and I found a decent location. I got the bass I was looking for! (From the "bad", ported box). I placed it on a corner, parallel to one of the walls, pointing to another. I get decent sound around the room (nothing in the center), but that's ok, my listening position is near one of the walls anyway.

I also bought some good tweeters (ferrofluid-cooled blah blah)... I thought they were nowhere as loud as the piezos, but then I noticed: they have flat response, so I can finally play with the EQ and hear the difference.
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