Line 6 Spider III HD75 4 ohm speakers.

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Line 6 Spider III HD75 4 ohm speakers.

Postby oklatex » Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:09 am

Hello. Had a Spider III, until someone cleaned out 23,000.00 worth of gear, from my home. I kind of liked the combo, as it was fun to play around with and practice on. So, I bought a Spider III Head.
To be brief, the box on the head said 8 ohms, so I figured my Peavey 4x12 cabinet was good to go. It wasn't until I opened the book and found that the speakers this head requires must be 4 ohm. So, I'm screwed. I either build a smal cab; or, I sell the head and buy a combo.
I would, if possible like to try my hand at building the cab and am thinking about 2x10's or 1x 12", with the cabinet being a size that will compliment, fit, the head. I want a very clean sound, as the hardest I get is old rock and a little blues. Mostly gospel.
ANY help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Oklatex (another newbie)
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