TASCAM SERIES 70 4-Track Tape TEAC Vintage REEL to REEL

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TASCAM SERIES 70 4-Track Tape TEAC Vintage REEL to REEL

Postby soccerman58 » Tue May 27, 2008 4:45 am

This is a two-parter for you vintage heads.

What are the locking things called that stop the tape reels spinning off the spindles please?
Does anyone know where I can get just one please? (not ebay today I don't believe). Would I need a TASCAM or a TEAC or either please?

Has anyone ever used one of these? Presumably it is hooked up to a mixer for the input.
I want to runa click track to track one, Drum tracks to 2 and 3 and keys to track 4.
How do you make sure each track starts right on time? This is a problem with some soundcards and some multitracking software. Does this pro piece have a synchro start across all channels he asked hopefully.

I suppose to hear all tracks in this instance I only need a stereo amp (actually my computer speakers because if I can get this all synched I want to send it to the computer and burn it to MP3. Track 1 is just click track (left) 2,3 and 4 can be bounced to one track and sent a little to the monitor/click and the rest to the house
I suppose the output is 4 channels (hopefully something familiar like RCA or 1/4 so I suppose if I cannot bounce or send 2.3.and 4 to channel1 for monitors and channel 2 for house I am going to be in a bad way building all kinds of nasty splitter combiners etc.

This thing looks great, but maybe I should get a 4 channel portastudio for 50 bucks?
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