Unfortunate Fire Sale: nice bass guitar

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Unfortunate Fire Sale: nice bass guitar

Postby soccerman58 » Sat Oct 03, 2009 10:11 pm

Unemployment sale: ESP LTD B-50 bass guitar for sale. Black with black hardware and creme binding. This is in current production and sells at 235 bucks everywhere (try Musician's Friend etc). Asking 100 bucks. No case or bag. Includes decent strap. In really excellent condition; no scratches or dings anywhere, although in a certain light you can see some minor scuffs around knobs.
Comes wearing a set of Dean Markley Alchemy strings, which look pretty spectacular on a black bass, being gold and all. I have a couple of poor quality cell phone pics if you want em.

This plays really well, and I've set it up about perfectly. Would make a better starter bass than an average "starter" bass; I'd still be playing it on stage if I hadn't moved up to a 5-string.

Buyer pays actual shipping from NH 03884

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