FS:Beautiful Pair of Borialis completed speakers

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FS:Beautiful Pair of Borialis completed speakers

Postby Musiclear » Sun Aug 16, 2009 3:37 pm

The Borealis System

The Borealis system is designed as a cost-no-object, stand-mounted reference two-way loudspeaker system. Constructed of finest drivers and most musical crossover parts available, the Borealis combines the definitive qualities of a mini-monitor - large sound stage, precise imaging, superb detail - with the dynamic low frequency performance of a much larger system.

The Borealis system has been optimized for the ability to communicate the emotion of the musical event like few other loudspeaker systems. The light, rigid carbon fiber cone reproduces every nuance of a performance without a hint of distortion. The speed and detail in the low and mid-bass is reminiscent of smaller loudspeakers, but with a much tighter bass line. The system also excels in dynamics and dynamic contrasts, as the long linear throw of the woofer can move tremendous amounts of air. Music is reproduced with the impact of a much larger loudspeaker, but with the agility of a monitor.

The Drivers are the SS 8545 carbon fiber, SS 9300 with the inductors being 12g copper ribbons with sonicap and musicap capacitors. They really sound nice and look great with real wood veneer and solid wood front.

$475 This is half of the cost of the parts without the cabinet.
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