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Froy TL

Postby Chris Young » Sun Dec 23, 2007 4:42 am

So I'm finally (3 years after starting this project) sitting, listening to my new speakers. I'm stunned.

Somebody on the madisound board had 4 of Seas Exel W14CY001's for sale back then that were used in the original Froy design. I had been toying with the idea of building a pair of Joe D'Appolito's Thor TL's for quite some time, but I had read a few opinions of the size of the line based on what Martin had done compared to the alignment tables by Augspurger that were used.

Anyhow, I decided to use Martin's Mathcad worksheets to design a line for the original Froy MTM design. I liked the MTM arrangement from a theoretical standpoint, and I had been trying to decide between a design based on the the Focal W series drivers and the Seas Exel line. The Seas W14's for sale coupled with the existing available Froy design, tipped the balance and I decided to go for a TL of my own design based on the Froy. After messing around a lot with the worksheets and running a tonne of variations, I arrived at a design that kept the tweeters at ear height, and maintained the same baffle width as the original BR design. This meant that I could use the crossovers as designed.

I've been poking about putting all this together for ages, I got all the MDF cut in December 05, finally glued up the cabinets Dec 06, and Dec 07 I finally cut the holes, built the crossovers and put it altogether.

I've got to say I'm very happy with the results. I cannot compare these to the original BR design as I've never heard those, but I've got to say that they are all I was expecting, plus some real surprises. The bass is much lower than I had expected, and holy cow, accurate as I've ever heard. Overall, I'm comparing them to my long time speakers, the NHT ST4's, and stuff I've heard in shops over the years. I've yet to get out the gear and measure them, I only got them together last night, but when I get a chance, I will. I wish I had gotten on with this project a long time ago.

For sure the 3/4" MDF isn't good enough for this design. I can feel vibration on the cabinet sides. My solution to this is that I'm going to resaw some butternut planks that I've had forever down to 3/16" or so, book match the pieces, and glue them on to the faces of the cabinets using liquid nails. I'm hoping to solve several problems at once with this step. I get some CLD from the arrangement, and I get a real solid wood look without all the headaches of veneer. The one thing that I'm a bit worried about is that it will change the baffle width by around 3/8". I'll have to run the numbers and actually measure the cabinets to see if I have to tweek the crossovers to account for this.


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Re: Froy TL

Postby Shonver » Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:57 am

Chris Young wrote:So I'm finally (3 years after starting this project) sitting, listening to my new speakers. I'm stunned.

Hi Chris

Well done. I see a TL for me in the distant future...

Can you post some pics?
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Re: Froy TL

Postby bond09 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:42 pm

Only a quick idea, this, but I don't think it's been suggested before. I was fooling around in MathCad earlier, using the Seas Froy midbass drivers as a basis, when it occured to me to look what would happen if someone tried these drivers in the Thor enclosure. Thor doesn't really have enough Vb to do its larger drivers justice, but the smaller Froy units look like just the ticket. It's a bit wider than the original box, but I doubt it'd cause too much of a problem with baffle-step.
Cheap Viagra is the remedy to the ED use it and enjoy sex for more time. So, 1 standard Thor enclosure, with 0.5lbs ft^3 of stuffing, except in the last 9in of the line, and the 2 Seas Excel W15CY001 midbass units used in Froy. The SPL might be a bit off, as I don't know what the crossover will do (I haven't seen it), but the curve will be right. If you have a Froy, fancy a traditional TL and like trying stuff out, this could be fun experimental project. Shouldn't cost much either as it's a simple build -a couple of sheets of MDF, glue, 4 binding posts, a bit of wire and some pillow stuffing. About £50 all in.
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