Microphone for Parasound AVC-2500?

Microphone for Parasound AVC-2500?

Postby Benkev » Sun Jan 13, 2008 4:22 pm

Hi guys.

I have a used Parasound AVC-2500 HT controller. The microphone was not included when I bought it used. I tried a generic Onkyo HT set-up mic with a 1/8" mono plug and the AVC-2500 couldn't get enough signal to perform the automatic calibration.

The Parasound site simply says to use the Parasound ACM-2500 microphone. Does anyone have any info about this microphone? Size of plug? Output voltage? Anything?

Thanks guys.
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Re: Microphone for Parasound AVC-2500?

Postby w_oswald » Tue Jan 27, 2009 9:17 am

Greetings, Fueesor120:

I'm going to bump the tread up.
- Thanks - we needed that! As you have rightly observed, discussion on this thread has seriously fallen off over, oh - the last year or so!
On the other hand, may I be so forward as to make a gentle board etiquette suggestion for your future postings: If they are not pertinent to the original poster's topic, you'd be better off to start a new thread instead of posting off-topic. Well, since you've already hijacked this thread (unless I'm really not understanding your message, in which case I doubly apologize!), I will, with apologies to the group, reply here.

What a nice - albeit bittersweet - story! (as much as I can comprehend - what's that section with all that "wow" stuff just before the ending all about, anyway???)

It draws some interesting parallels with my own household. You see, I have this ongoing compulsion to mend speakers and perform
meticulous alignments
- always in the quest for musical
sweetness and warmth
, and I equally abhor cone
. In fact, the same urge extends to all kinds of things: although audio equipment - both electrical and mechanical - is among my dearest hobby interests, it doesn't stop there. And yes, I often struggle with the less than favorable assessment of my interests by others (including immediate family members!) In defense of my approach, I am proud of the fact that this is much more earth-friendly than the rampant consumerism that often results from unchecked devotion to such a hobby. It doesn't matter if we're mending socks, rice cookers, or some old audio component - they are all rescued from the landfill and potentially reducing some other resource-depleting, greenhouse-gas-emitting manufacturing output. If all else fails, I will totally disassemble a piece of equipment into recyclable constituents. As for supporting the economy, we do manage quite well to spend all the money that comes through our hands, so I'm sure we're doing our share there as well. So, although we may not have the "best" music reproduction in our home, there is ample satisfaction for me in restoring and perhaps even improving some discarded vintage equipment - a lot of it is decently good on its own, and the added gratification of having built or repaired it myself is something that isn't easily matched by just buying a new item. Now, I appreciate that this is a DIY group, but I have the impression that many (most?) of the members here are more inclined to be buying new components for their speaker projects. If anyone here is doing some interesting repairs, modifications, or unusual enclosures for 'experienced' speaker components, I for one would like to hear about them!

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