Choosing drivers for new subwoofer

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Choosing drivers for new subwoofer

Postby milund » Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:33 am


I am looking at building a new subwoofer - my wife has been very specific regarding box size - it will need to be 300-350 liters (10.5 - 12.3 cubic feet). The rest is up to me and I am going for a hifi and home theater sub with clean bass that stop and starts imediately. I will go with a closed box, bass reflex og passive driver setup. I do not consider TL to be within my woodworking skills ;-)

I am considering the following options:
4 x 10" sub-units (maybe two passive units)
2 x 12" sub-units
2 x 15" sub-units
1 x 18" sub-unit

Any recommendations are welcome. I will of corse like the f3 of the system to be as low as possible.

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Re: Choosing drivers for new subwoofer

Postby rob » Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:02 pm

HI Michael,
you may find the discussion on this page helpful, if not the driver recommendations. This sub is for Hi-Fi, not HT but if you could fit 4 in the large box you envisage, perhaps it would be safe enough for HT.

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Re: Choosing drivers for new subwoofer

Postby mfishmike » Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:04 pm

Acupower recently closed its doors so if you buy one of their drivers, no support will be available from what I can gather.

I'm using SoundSplinter RLP15's in my subwoofers and have two of the stacked. Four active drivers and 8 passive radiators. I've got approximately 5 cu ft per cabinet and am driving them with a QSC 1450 watt pro amp bridged to mono for each subwoofer. I've got the fantastic clean low bass without the port resonance and I don't get slammed hard on every bass note like a lot of plate amps will do. They are 1.25" thick and 235 lbs each. WinIsd has them modeled out at 13 hz at 1000 watts. My primary use is for good clean music. They also give me the movie impacts and bass that is totally unheard of in movies.

John Janowitz has now completed his new line of AV drivers using some technology used in the manufacture of the famous Lambda drivers and he also has the flat MDF passive radiators I'm using in my subs. I've got the 1050 gram units loaded to 1800 grams each. Two passive radiators per driver.

I have more info on my website found in my signature.

Good luck,
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